Amazon photo seems using the information of "date taken" for odering uploaded photos. For also saving my screenshots with order, I would like to know: is there any free or open source software can write the "data taken" information (which likes contained a camera shotted photo) when taking a screenshot? Thanks.


I have tested ShareX, Lightshot and Greenshot; but seems that they do not have this function. Windows's Snipping tool has this function, however without shortcuts and thus not so convenient for me.

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I get a partial answer from ShareX's solution on GitHub:

I have tried add date taken for jpg using exiftool as follows.

exiftool -overwrite_original  '-DateTimeOriginal<FileCreateDate' DIR

Thus one trick for doing the task using ShareX is through After capture tasks -> Perform action, with exiftool and arguments as follows.

"-overwrite_original"  "-DateTimeOriginal<FileCreateDate" "$input"

However, I also hope ShareX can do this in default.

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