Note: I have already read Best viewer for large text files (> 10GB) and Text editor or reader for working with huge files in Windows but here the specific point is the compressed file support.

In order to view the content of > 10 GB files, I usually use "wxHexEditor" which is great (see screenshot below).

You can seek very fast anywhere in the file.

I'm looking for a similar big file viewer, that can also view .gz gzipped files, without needing to decompress it into a temporary file.

Note: This is technically possible without decompressing to a temp file, for example with Python, you can do:

import gzip
with gzip.open('test.txt.gz', 'rb') as f:
    f.seek(1024*1024*1024)  # go to offset 1 GB
    print(f.read(1024))     # display the next 1024 bytes

Is there a big file viewer that can do this?


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