I have an application running on a windows server which does not have API access or command line access. In other words you have to start the application and manually interact with it to use it.

I have to enter in an account number and a few more click and the application spits out a .zip of files. It is a completely manual process. The problem is that I have to do this proximity 7,000 times.

Is there any tool that can

  1. take file that contains a list of paraments
  2. record my clicks etc and substitute in the info from the file so that I can automate the 7K queries / exports that I need to do?

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I would start with autohotkey, It's a scripting language specifically for this type of problem. I have not used it extensively, but from what people have told me, it would allow you to script this process.


Gordon's answer is what I would recommend as well, but that probably only answers #1 of OP's request.

For the #2 use it with MACRO RECORDER in AutoHotKey

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