Let me keep it quick and simple before giving anymore context.

Can someone recommend me a JavaScript library which:

  • Lets you combine seemingly unrelated charts. E.g. Gantt chart and line chart
    => both charts have different series but should be overlayed on top of each other
  • Free or lifetime license

What have I looked at?
Google charts => free, can combine charts but only a certain type of charts (not including the Gantt chart)
amChart => free (to some extent) but not able to combine charts (I looked into this because we are used this inside our company)
Highcharts => free (to some extent) lets you combine charts but on the same series (if I'm not missing something)
Chartjs => free, lets you combine charts with different series, but does not seem to have a Gantt chart (again correct me if I'm wrong).

Why is this necessary?
We are developing a system where fruit growers can estimate their expected yield for a certain amount of cultivations. Each harvest period will be displayed in a Gantt chart for every cultivation. Mapping on top of that the expected and the actual yield (hence line chart).

Any advice is welcome.

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So we ended up going for Plotly. It supports graph with multi yaxis, line charts, no gantts charts specificly (at least not the JS version of plotly) but it could easily mimic one with normal line charts.

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