I'm looking for a remote desktop software with the following features:

  • client cross-platform (Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 at least), the "server" (my side) should support at least Ubuntu 20.04, Windows is not mandatory

  • it should allow at least 2 video streams, one from a USB webcam and one from an IP-camera in addition to the desktop, both with audio layer

  • it must have a flag to show or hide the current view on client side. I mean, if I disable this feature, the user that sits in front of the client should not be able to see what I'm doing remotely

  • nice to have: an easy way to transfer files between PC, bidirectional copy&paste, chat service

The most common softwares like Remmina, Zoho seem to lack the additional video streams. It seems that FlexyHub can do the trick but it requires an external account and it would not be my first choice.

To be clear, I don't want to see the cameras inside the remote desktop, but they should be a different streams, so in my local host I can place their windows wherever I want.

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Maybe WHIP is helpful?

Available in Debian unstable and testing (and therefore soon in Ubuntu too, I guess) are packages simple-whip-client, simple-whip-server, janus, and janus-demos.

  1. install and setup simple-whip-server, janus, and janus-demos` (or nicer looking Jangouts which is not yet in Debian) on a public-facing server.
  2. connect to the WHIP service from your web browser, and setup an endpoint linked with a Janus room.
  3. connect to the Janus room from your web browser.
  4. install simple-whip-client on your own or a separate system, and have it enable/disable a WHIP session from your IP camera to the WHIP endpoint, as you need it.

The WHIP client uses GStreamer, so should be possible to capture either an IP camera, a USB webcam, or a screen or window.

The Janus room is accessible from your peers, regardless of operating system.

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