I'm looking for an application on Linux who can read MIDI files and play them to a MIDI channel (ALSA or JACK).

aplaymidi does this well, but I need additional features:

  • Hot reloading when the file has been updated;
  • Interactive features: view the clock in live, be able to move on the timeline.

A text-based application would be preferred.

Is there a program which can do this?

  • I'm sure you've heard about Timidity (and maybe timidity -iA. I kind of like to use vanBasco's Karaoke Player via wine, sometimes. Jan 10, 2023 at 4:05

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I didn't find some program which did fit all my needs, so I wrote a CLI player to remedy this, which has these features:

  • hot reload, even when playing;
  • can move forward and backward;
  • can restrict the play zone precisely, in order to work on a part of the score;
  • loop mode;
  • auto-return mode (go back to where the play started after pausing).

Here is the repo, for those who are interested: https://gitlab.com/yolenoyer/midiplay (Rust toolchain is needed for compiling).

midiplay screenshot

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