I'm starting to use Text-To-Speech more and more and I'm amazed by it. It detects the language of the text and reads it quite smoothly. For the most part ...

Sometimes I want to read a university paper and they are formatted in to very narrow columns. It often happens that a word gets split up like:

Can you help me with this pro-

blem? I would really appre-

ciate it.

The Text-To-Speech Software seems to have problems with it. I tried the native Microsoft Edge Text-To-Speech and the Firefox Add-On "Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader". Both programs mess up the spelling in those cases.

What I mostly do is I copy all the text in some texteditor and use the replace function with the parameters replace(text, "-\r\n", ""). "\r\n" stands for carriage return and newline and "" stands for an empty string. This is kind of inconvenient. Someone has a recommendation on how to avoid that problem? It may be an easy way to process some text (pdf or website) or some Text-To-Speech Software that gets the spelling in those cases right.


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