PayPal has a system where you can set up a payment link such as www.paypal.com/myaccount/17.99

And this url would send them to a site with the cost pre-filled at $17.99.

Using this, I'm able to build the links that I want to send to people in emails. The problem is, in order to pay through paypal, you have to have a paypal account. Unless they can check out as a guest, which you can't do with these links.

I've tried a few other softwares including Stripe, and Square, and neither of those have that ability. Is there any payment system online where you can build URL's with the price dynamically, and the user can send the money without creating an account...like through google, apple pay, or even inputting their credit card info directly?

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    In Stripe user (client) doesn't need to have a Stripe account. The client can pay using for example credit card.Nevertheless, I am not aware of any possibility to set the price as you show in your example (I guess not). You will have to create a price with such value using API calls and then redirect the client to the proper stripe link with a particular price_id.
    – nosbor
    Sep 14 at 22:25

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