I want to conduct a few UI tests for my application. I want to do this for different screen resolutions, display settings, languages and operating systems.

To achieve that, I'm looking for a library that

  • can change Windows system settings
    • screen resolution (pixels)
    • screen orientation (landscape, portrait)
    • screen layout (relative to each other)
    • screen coordinates (e.g. let one monitor have negative coordinates)
    • enable/disable connected monitors (multiscreen tests)
    • change DPI settings (96 dpi vs. 120 dpi)
    • change UI scaling (175%)
    • switch keyboard layouts (EN vs. DE)
    • change system colors
    • switch between light / dark mode for Apps
    • configure high contrast mode
    • enable/disable transparency
    • enable/disable touch mode (Windows Ink stuff)
    • ... (similar stuff)
  • does that without mouse clicks or keyboard interaction so that it's as little error prone as possible
  • do that on Windows 8 and 10 (and 11 soon)
  • has a .NET API
  • ideally is able to take screenshots including areas used by 3D graphic card hardware (like games; that's not so easy)

I am not looking for Windows API + P/Invoke. I do not want to implement that all by myself.

Price: 100 € per developer is totally fine. Higher price might also be ok.

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