I'm preparing a slide presentation for an academic conference. Since I have an iPad with an Apple Pencil, I was thinking of making a presentation with a lot of hand-drawn elements. The idea was for each slide to start with maybe a few text bullet points, and then have various hand-drawn elements appear one by one to illustrate each point in detail.

However, despite being a long-time user of Keynote on the Mac, I'm finding it quite laborious to do this in Keynote on the iPad. There seems to be a lot of work involved in getting the right elements to appear in the right order, and I have the feeling the user interface hasn't been designed with this style of presentation in mind.

So I'm wondering if there's a simpler app that's designed more around presenting hand-drawn slides. Basically I'm imagining something where each slide has a set of layers that you can draw on separately (as in a drawing app), which then appear on top of each other, one at a time, when you give the presentation.

Beyond that I don't think I need a lot of extra features - just the ability to step forwards and backwards through the presentation, and to draw on the slides when presenting, in order to highlight things. The only other thing I'd need is the ability to insert images into the presentation.

My presentation is next week, so something with a simple and intuitive user interface would be ideal, so I don't spend a lot of time learning to use it.


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