I'm looking for some kind of google spreadsheets like platform which will allow participants to edit only specified cells. As an administrator I should be able also to view date and time when the cell was edited.

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Grist is a open source spreadsheet with access rules (an experimental feature - BETA). You can try it on the cloud for free if you create an account. By generating an API key, you will be able to make API calls for your own account.

From GiHub :

This repository is in a pre-release state. Its release will be announced when it has all the planned components, and a solid independent build and test set-up. Currently, stand-alone server functionality is present, along with a single-user web client.

Access rules

  • Restrict access to columns
  • Row-level access control
  • Document history
    • Activity
    • Snapshots

Table Rules enter image description here

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