The task I want to accomplish

An server-imitating application that will run inside of my computer that acts as a server that runs a script or multiple that are written to interact with APIs(check). If not possible; in the cloud.


  • It runs in a side of my computer. If not possible; in the cloud.
  • It might contain some linux but not that I have to make a word document to write down the comments
  • It should be able to be deleted easily
  • I should be able to operate kinda-like in AWS - where you can create one server/listener and another then delete one.
  • now this:
    • If it is run on my computer - It should be a ram usage low application(PC)
    • If it is run on the cloud - It should be able to be communicated from me/controlled with ram usage low application(PC).

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I found it, It is the Postman's Mock server.

It has been working perfectly for my needs, It addresses all my needs.

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