Please recommend an easy Linux photo edit software for a person who is new in Linux. She is a real estate worker and takes photos of interiors. She has to crop them, rotate, and shrink to 1000 KB or less each.

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gThumb is a simple image viewer that can also do simple editing like rotation, cropping, resizing and format/compression change.

For anything more advanced I would recommend GIMP. It is maybe overkill for simply cropping a photo, but it's free, so hey, why not use it?


Pinta ships with most Linux distributions, some (like Linux Mint) having installed it by default. It's not as heavy as GIMP, and looks rather suited to beginners. You can check its Documentation to see what features are covered – all mentioned by you should be there ("shrink" can be achieved by resizing and also by compression when saving/exporting the image). To give you some visuals, here's a screenshot taken from their homepage:

Pinta (source: Pinta; click/tap image for larger variant)


for fast editing and viewing i use Shotwell

a very light software like photo viewers, but you can easily crop, rotate, adjust, ...

Like a photo viewers

you can use it like a photo viewers:

enter image description here

Like a photo browsers

or you can use it like a file browser and browse in your photos:

enter image description here

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