a co-worker leaves and I would like to identify parts of the code that might need explanation / handover.

I'm looking for software that helps me to identify parts of the code in a git-repository on which mainly one person has worked.

I imagine something like a git blame. But where git blame just shows me for the HEAD and a given file who edited the lines, I would like to see for a given user all files where the user has made a lot of changes (not necessarily only in the HEAD, but that would be a start).

The simplest way I could imagine would be to make git blame on all files and print the files in descending order by the number of lines that user has changed in the given file, so something like:

$ find-git-contributions --main-contributions [email protected] 
123 lines: main.py
 70 lines: Dockerfile
  2 lines: requirements.txt

$ find-git-contributions --main-contributor [email protected] 
100%: Dockerfile
  5%: main.py
  1%: requirements.txt

If this could automatically group by folder it would be even better.


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