As COVID-19 forced millions to set up their home office, I still feel the absence of a simple whiteboard is one of the biggest barriers in Zoom, Team or Slack... whatever name you.

So I wondered if there is any app that can leverage my tablet (a galaxy A7 with an S-pen) where I can doodle a figure and it synchronises real time with my laptop screen which I share via zoom? I usually run Linux (Ubuntu or Manjaro) on my laptop, so best if the app supports Android and Linux.

The synching can happen via some online account, or bluetooth or connected to the same wifi, whatever. I like the KDE plasma desktop and their KDE connect comes close to connecting the devices, but from what I know, not there yet.

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    – Della
    Aug 27, 2021 at 10:45
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You can use MIRO web site, it is not exactly white board you you can do it. Also Draw web site can help if you want to make diagrams.

About pure whiteboard you can add this option in Teams, but you should activate it and install specific software.

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