I'm looking for an existing library, that'd provide a visual component for "entering user commands":

  • the component appears on the screen by holding a hotkey combination (for example, Ctrl + L),
  • it's a pop-up window, expecting user input & Enter hit
  • on Enter, a javascript function is called with user input passed in as an argument
  • user can opt out of entering by hitting Esc key.

I'm happy to follow pointers towards JS code excerpts to render a simple component like this. I'm working on a prototype, no fancy design or particularly wide range of customisation options is a requirement. (Disregard the look Slack one below, it's nice but potentially too much for the prototype of app I am building at this point).

Here's a couple of screenshots of the kind of component I am looking for:

AlfredApp SublimeText 4 Slack Algolia

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Looking for something like https://kbar.vercel.app, but in native JavaScript, e.g. not a React component.

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