I want to deploy my React App to AWS and looking for the best way for my use case. I want to be able to create a ci/cd pipeline so that multiple developers can deploy updates etc. At the same time I want to use AWS API Gateway when I do the CRUD-operations in my React application.

Is it possible to use AWS Codestar doing this and what Service should I use?

Is AWS Amplify an alternative for me considering my usecases?

When I tested Codestar and deployed a React App created with “npx create-react-app” it didn´t work when building although I changed necessary lines in buildspec.yml. But when I tried Codestar with a React Express App containing an express file kicking in every time I run script Start it worked. Can this be a problem deploying a React App with Codestar and can you w?

Am I forced to create a separate API gateway, dynamoDB and lambda functions and then external fetch data to my React App. I think it will be nicer to get the data "inside" AWS.

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