I need to record a presentation and would like to include a video of my face in a corner, such as in this example:

screenshot from presentation video
Source: Matthew Rocklin / coiled via YouTube

I am preparing my presentation with LaTeX, so my presentation file will be in Portable Document Format (PDF). I have access to Linux and Windows machines. An offline Linux solution is preferred.

With a Google Search, I find only solutions for Microsoft Powerpoint. Since I'm using other software to prepare my presentation, those solutions are not useful for me.

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The Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio appears to have a rich selection of features that may allow doing exactly what you need. I haven't tried it yet, but it appears to let users select multiple sources (such as a webcam or an application window) for recording and arrange those on the screen. That should allow for a presenter video in a corner of the presentation. It also allows for filters to be applied to those sources; perhaps that allows for the outline/transparency visible in the dask video.

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