I have a private Docker container registry, GitHub Packages in my case. Many GitHub repositories upload containers to this container registry. I am searching for a solution that automatically pulls those containers and starts them. At the time I am using a self-written shell script that runs after every container registry push.

All big cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, ...) have this feature to auto-deploy the repository Docker file. Is there any software that does this, which can be self-hosted?

Unfortunately, tags like docker, CI/CD, and deployment are not available and I cannot create them due to not enough reputation.


Over a Reddit post I have found the solution. It is called Platform as a service (PaaS).

Here are some self-hosted solutions:

  • Dokku (The most famous one; Single host only; Docker and buildpack deployments)
  • CapRover (Web GUI; Supports multiple instances; Docker only; Includes Certificate management)
  • Rancher (More advanced; Based on Kubernetes)

If you don't want to host it yourself there are providers like:

You can find a detailed PaaS comparison here: https://www.mskog.com/posts/heroku-vs-self-hosted-paas/

I am using CapRover now because it is the best solution for my case.

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