I'm looking for a cheap and low-tech ecommerce solution that cand handle simple product selection and checkout with credit card information. I'm willing to live without inventory management and automatic shipping label creation.

I just need customers to be able to choose a product, select a quantity, and make payment. This is a very low-volume operation that can tolerate some manual steps until volume picks up.

I'm using Expression Web 3 for a basic site and have been doing billing through SumUp. It's working but it's clunky and the premium product suppliers demand checkout features to include us in their dealer network, and rightly so.

I would love to find a solution that has no monthly fee and simply bills a nominal fee per transaction. Sales tax calculation would be a big, big plus.

Many of the popular services like Square, PayPal, and the other established vendors do not support my industry, nevermind that we are ultra-specialized, high-cost, and low-volume.

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