I need a Windows program that will display a text file and let me select individual lines of that file to move to a new file. So, for example, I can select lines 4-9, 14, 22-24, 46, etc. as I scroll through the existing file, and they will be removed from that file and become lines 1-11, etc. of a new text file.

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You can use for example notepad++.

First mark lines clicking on the left field

enter image description here

Then right click on one of these dots->Cut bookmarked lines enter image description here

Next create new file, mark first line (as above) and Paste enter image description here


CudaText editor (free) allow this using bookmarks.


  • Don't select lines, but instead place bookmarks on them - click the left-most gutter column to place a bookmark.
  • Menu item "Search / Bookmarks / Copy bookmarked lines"
  • Add a new file-tab, and call "Paste" from context menu
  • Remove original lines, if you need it, using "Search / Bookmarks / Delete bookmarked lines"

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