When receiving a laptop replacement battery, one need to calibrate it, which mean fully charging it, and draining it to a residual charge of about 3%.

I want to accelerate the battery discharge stage without having to interact with the computer, nor having to log in (e.g. for laptops from clients).

Hence, I'm looking for a bootable operating system (preferably a live USB, or alteratively a live CD) to generate "random" action (possibly CPU and GPU intensive) to discharge the battery faster.

Alternatively, a CPU-/GPU- intensive command that I could run in the terminal of a boot CD could do the job would be appreciated.

If the live USB drive or CD is able shutdown the computer automatically when the remaining charge reaches 3%, it would be appreciated ; else I could use some Linux command.

The computer and screen must not go to sleep if not used.

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you can use a linux bootable usb key.

Next you can use the command yes to make run your cpu. If you want to go faster you can use stress test software like Stress-ng. To finish you can make work you computer like mining crypto or bruteforcing some password.

  • Thank you for the good ideas.
    – OuzoPower
    Dec 19, 2023 at 11:29

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