I want to store notes/articles (mostly rich text but ideally images too) and tag and date them (dates would be arbitrary and typed manually). Incremental search on any combination of tags, note content and date would pull up matching notes either as a clickable list of note titles or as one combined view of all the matching notes (as if the matching notes had been copied into a single Word document, with note titles acting as headings).

The aim is to save a couple of hundred research notes on a company (e.g. news releases, org chart, my own notes, possibly imported PDFs of quarterly financials) and do searches like: notes dated April-Dec 2020 tagged 'strategy' and containing 'C?O' in the content (? being a wildcard). Word is my main tool and it's almost like I just need to be able to tag/date individual sections of a Word document and be able to search or fold them.

Googling finds things like Evernote, OneNote, Zotero, Trello, etc. but they don't quite fit (unless I'm not appreciating that they could be used for this). Maybe I just need a simple database?

Secondary requirements are that it's fairly simple, quick/crisp to use, uses Word-compatible rich text, and has fully customisable keyboard shortcuts and fonts.

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    Many people attempting to answer this will start with a web search and find the same apps you mention. It would help if you would edit the question to include information as to how the apps you have looked at fail to meet your needs adequately. Jul 23, 2021 at 18:49

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Give TagSpaces a try.

Tag Spaces Image

It both offers tagging for files and taking notes.

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