I have a few thousands documents that I would like to organize and read from various devices, so I am looking for a cross platform PDF organizer. My needs are pretty simple:

  • it should support at least MacOSX, Android and Linux
  • it should allow me to attach to a paper at least: the authors, title, and some tags - then let me browse/search by tags or authors
  • it should not crash with 10000+ documents and hundreds of tags
  • it should not mess with my existing library - rather, it can keep its own metadata in a SQLite database, a JSON file or whatever
  • however it does, it should be documented. I already have a lot of this information and I can write a Python script to put these info in whatever format is required
  • I don't really care if it opens the files itself or if it uses external programs, but in case, I need support for PDF, PS and DJVU documents
  • it can be free or payed, but just once - I'd rather not pay forever with a subscription
  • finally, it should not force me to put my collection in cloud, but should work locally. I can manage the sync between devices myself

Is there anything like that?

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  • Well, personally I use miniCalOPe for that – not sure if this will meet your needs. It's web based (self-hosted), so it can be used from any OS. I use it for my PDF documents locally – but also for my eBook server where it currently serves almost 11k of eBooks in different formats. All of your requirements listed are met. Might not be perfect, but worth a look I guess? – Izzy Jul 21 at 18:46
  • Thank you, it seems nice! I am not sure it will run on Android, though, but maybe there is some trick :-) – Andrea Ferretti Jul 22 at 8:46
  • The idea is to run miniCalOPe on a Linux machine (with PHP and e.g. Apache or NGinX), and then access it from all your other devices via web browser. If you want to install miniCalOPe on an Android device, you'll need a webserver with PHP there; you can find some candidates listed here. – Izzy Jul 23 at 7:18

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