As of now I am using the Vim built-in SyntaxComplete for my editing.

I started my JavaEE project in Vim with Ant and went this way for a few weeks but Eclipse functionalities were lacking too much so I gave up for the Java part but I still use it for the other languages that my project requires.

I am not looking for a plugin that provides snippets but I would like to see my functions and variables smartly predicted.

I tried JavaComplete but it was not working. I don't really like the idea of starting the whole Eclipse engine behind Vim as Eclim does but if it's really worth it I could give it a try.

For the other languages, these settings in my vimrc are almost enough but for Javascript:

set nu
set autoindent
set nocompatible
set vb
syntax on
set omnifunc=syntaxcomplete#Complete 
filetype plugin indent on

Here is my complete vimrc if you have any suggestions.

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I've given up using vim for Java Web development some years ago, cause it really needs a lot of tooling support (Intellij IDEA is very nice). I've had more success using vim for developing Grails applications, but I feel that for Java I really want strong refactoring tools.

Having said that, if you really insist in using vim, here are some plugins that may help you:

  • syntastic - code hinting support for Java, JS, XML and more
  • html5.vim - improved HTML5 support
  • vim-javascript - improved JavaScript support
  • emmet-vim - aka Zen Coding, speeds up HTML creation
  • surround.vim - handy plugin to manipulate several types of surrounding marks (e.g.: quotes, brackets, parenthesis, HTML tags, etc)

Note that these plugins are probably helpful in any Web development scenario though, none of them are really specific for Java environments.

  • Thanks, I'm trying out some of them right now. vim-javascript looks nice. I won't accept right now as I would like some more suggestions. And about syntastic, I did not install it yet but does it requires configuration to get it to work or is it all functional out of the box?
    – Johnride
    Feb 5, 2014 at 20:00
  • 1
    @Johnride For some languages it works out of the box. For others, you may have to install a third party tool (see the FAQ).
    – elias
    Feb 5, 2014 at 20:03

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