I'm tired of holding shift everytime i use numbers keys (top one, not keypad) to put symbols like ! or @ or % and others). Is it possible to reverse it, so one i hold shift and press 1 it prints 1 and when i don't hold shift and press 1 it prints ! (same with the rest of the first raw buttons: shift pressed: {`1234567890-=}, shift NOT pressed {~!@#$%^&*()_+}). I know there are some soft for remapping buttons, but is it possible to do without remapping? Thank you.

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  • If you want a hardware remapping, this is the wrong site. We don't suggest hardware. What's wrong with software remapping? Why don't you like it? Maybe we can find a software solution that doesn't have the disadvantages that you experience. – Thomas Weller Jul 21 at 16:04
  • Welcome to SR! As we do recommend software here and not howtos or manuals/tutorials: How much you'd be willing to pay for such software? If you're rather looking for a guide to e.g. patch the registry or the likes, your question would be off-topic here – and better fitted on one of our sister sites like, maybe, Super User. – Izzy Jul 21 at 16:25

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