From my point of view, there are two main types of mass emailing - the type that doesn't legally require you to allow the user to unsubscribe (important company/account updates etc) and the type that does (marketing/newsletters/etc).

I'd ideally like to use one SaaS for both. I've tried MailChimp and SendGrid Marketing, both don't let me send a mass email without an unsubscribe link.

As it stands, I'm going to have to use SendGrid's or similar's transactional email API and build the interface myself in my client's app admin dashboard.

Is there a SaaS, that provides the same sort of features as MailChimp (custom fields, template builder, scheduling etc) that doesn't force me to include an unsubscribe link?

(I'm assuming important updates etc don't legally require a way to unsubscribe, I don't know this for a fact, but surely!! I've looked at a few such emails in my own inbox, from big companies, and they don't include an unsubscribe link).

  • Just a guess, why not add just a dump link that goes into a dump site that tells unsubsribe is not needed, forwhat ever reason you like to do it? i mean even every own hosting of mailserver could do the job - i setup my own newsmailer years ago and sended without any issue 50k mails
    – djdomi
    Jul 23 '21 at 17:30

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