Is there any open source project/lbrary of image compression and load image?

I know many image website, when user upload image, it will be compress to 1080H, 1200W, 1920W, 480H or other specifications.

when load image, it will load a low quality specification such as 480H, when click to enlarge, it will load a high quality specification.

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One common way of implementing the higher resolution image on click is to simply have the low resolution image as the embedded image but with a link to the higher resolution image. The other possibility is to use an incremental rendering or progressive format that will load and display at a lower resolution initially and then gain detail as it loads.

For preparing the images at the various resolutions or for incremental/progressive loading there are numerous FOSS options to consider:

  • ImageMagick provides numerous command line or batch file conversion & manipulation options.
  • Pillow if you are in a python workflow Pillow is often the go to library for image manipulation. Being python based it is easy to script repeated operations.
  • GIMP the GNU Image Manipulation Program is a GUI program that can export images in a number of formats, compressions & sizes.
  • G'MIC Greys Magic for Image Computing provides a range of command line, GUI, Library, Plug-In & Web options for image manipulations including resizing.
  • Darktable - is a complete photographic workflow, including resizing & compression to various file formats.

All of the above are Free, Gratis & Open Source, cross platform and well worth looking at for other uses as well.

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