What is the best app for alert notifications in an IT environment? We have been using Telegram so far, but I have gotten complaints about it.

We use it for programs like Splunk or Zabbix and a few others that send out alerts when things are not working as expected.

What we like to have:

  • The possibility to connect directly to other programs (like Zabbix or Splunk)
  • Easy to set up
  • Preferably a web environment

What would be nice:

  • Also connect to an exchange mailbox, so if there is a new email, a notification is sent out
  • That we can take ownership of the alert and acknowledge it once it is fixed
  • That we can use a plugin that will also notify us when we are working on our PC (via Chrome add-on for example)
  • That it is running in the cloud

So far I have found Opsgenie, Signl4, and Pushover, but googling my question doesn't give me the right options.

  • Depending everything on a mailbox is IMHO a bad idea. If your mailserver is down would result in all notifications to not work.
    – Robert
    Commented Jul 14, 2021 at 9:47
  • Good point, I have adjusted the questions.
    – Aconsya
    Commented Jul 14, 2021 at 12:01

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You can use a lot of software for this purpose. But check these below:

  • Microsoft teams - work with free accounts, offer API for external communication, have desktop, mobile, web version
  • Slack - team chat space, also offer API (up to 10 providers in free version)
  • Discord - start as game chat, but offer very good audio, offered for a lot of platform, not sure about API, but offer a lot of bots and apps

When I needed to do this I set up a "monitoring environment" that had;

  • [Any application at all] with Prometheus Exporting
  • Prometheus then feeds into Grafana
  • Grafana can make a nice Dashboard and Alerts that get sent to...
  • Discord! On your phone :D Or anywhere else!

Theoretically, you could create your own Prometheus formatted export of any information you wanted. It's get a bit scary if you have to write it yourself but here's how; https://prometheus.io/docs/instrumenting/writing_exporters/

So as your requirements go;

  • Connect to other programs - Check! (If you're willing to write the exporter)
  • Easy to set up - Everything's easy when you know how :
  • Web env - Yes sir!
  • Email notifications - Well that's something you can write with a Prometheus exporter and outlook, I would assume. Find any way to handle that email event and you can write a metric.
  • Ownership of alert - Maybe if you're using Jira or TFS you could add a webhook address to automatically add a task?
  • In the cloud - Just put it on a server xD

Good luck!

p.s. For email notification handling, see https://clusteringformeremortals.com/2018/10/28/step-by-step-how-to-trigger-an-email-alert-from-a-windows-event-that-includes-the-event-details-using-windows-server-2016/ for a decent guide (I haven't tested it)

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