I need a nice callgraph from a C++ code. I would like to better understand the structure of the code, the time or number of calls and all others useful informations.

I was talked about the solution non-free "Scitools Understand".

I wanted if someone has already tested this application and if it is worthwhile. I saw many positive feedback but given it is quite expensive, I hesitate to buy it).

My code exists in 2 versions : a GNU g++ version with OpenMP and many Maths GNU libraries. A second version uses icpc Intel compiler with Intel SDK with LAPACKE and MKL.

For the moment, everything is launched in terminal command line (first a Python script that sets up all the initialization part and finally compiles with gnu g++ or Intel icpc) the main code.

I wonder, if I chose this application, if this will be easy to pass from the Terminal command line to all integrated IDE of this soft, at the level of the launching by python script and at the level of compilation with GNU or Intel Libraries.

I mostly need to make as best as possible a "reverse engineering" process even if I know already the equations used but I need to know how they have been implemented (a lot of inner loops with if conditions as usually to build different matrices).

I would be glad to have some advises on this application.

I am also open to free tools but I have doubts about all the process of "reverse engineering" that I could extract from free tools.

  • Isn't really no one who could give me some advice ? Regards
    – youpilat13
    Jul 27 at 9:46
  • Maybe doxygen + graphviz works for you? Never tried that myself Jul 27 at 19:09
  • Ghidra is the NSA tool of choice to analyze binaries (assembly code). The call graph should be similar, shouldn't it? Jul 27 at 19:10
  • Umbrello seems to draw class diagrams at least. Maybe also call graphs. Jul 27 at 19:15
  • Recently someone recommended SourceTrail to me, but I haven't had the need to analyze something since. Jul 27 at 19:16

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