I'm looking for a Javascript library to sign PDFs files. The only requirement of the client is that they want to insert/drag and drop an image (the signature) in any part of the pdf file. I've already found some options, like pdfjs.express, pspdfkit.com and Foxit Pdf Sdk, but what I'm trying to avoid is a monthly fee. So, this is what I need

  • Vue.js compatible will be excellent, but Javascript compatible is amazing as well
  • I must be able to sign the document or drag and drop an image at any point in the pdf file
  • Doesn't have to be free, but it needs to be a unique payment
  • Opensource if possible, but not a must
  • PDF Signing with image may not be enough. You may want to Digitally Sign it. Please visit web.signer.digital to test the sample. Also contains links to JavaScript API to achieve the task as well as many developer resources. Aug 12 at 5:25

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