I was wondering if I could use a barcodescanner as described.

The use case is, that our colleagues, who prepare the goods for dispatch, have a picklist with a unique ID (barcode included). With this ID they can use our web based app, to generate a personal flyer for the customer, which gets printed, so it can be placed to the goods.

Now we are looking for a solution, that this process gets automated. To start the process you just need to open the URL with a picklistID at the end of it.

It should work like, that the PC connected to the scanner opens a URL with the default browser, if a barcode is scanned, and appends the base URL by the picklistID (barcode) it scanned.

Example: My default URL is https://www.dummy123.com/picklistID= and I scan a barcode which translates to 1234567, so it should open up my default browser with the URL https://www.dummy123.com/picklistID=1234567

Do you guys know any out of the box solutions for my case or any other solution?

At the moment they have to open their browser and scan the ID into the GUI manually.

If my english is not perfect, I am genuinely sorry.

Greetings from Germany

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