Is there a windows or linux software (I would actually prefer a docker container, but hey, beggars can't be choosers 😁) that can be used as an anonymous proxy (e.g listening to and than forwarding this traffic to a configured other proxy but this time adding authentication?

The background is, that on a corporate network everything has to go through a proxy but it requires authentication. When working with docker or basically with many windows and linux based software you have to set up the software to use the proxy, no problem. But it becomes a problem when you get a 407 (authentication required). So you start decorating everything with credentials, which is a bad thing.

For docker you add them and now you can pull images, which is fine. But those images itself try to pull packages (say pip, apt, etc), which also require authenticated proxy credentials. So you keep adding the same credentials everywhere, and at least very plain text, when exporting HTTP_PROXY and friends.

I would really prefer to have a piece of software, ideally as an only locally exposed docker container, that acts as an anonymous proxy and who is the only thing that knows the real credentials for the outside facing proxy. This would prevent me storing proxy creds in environment and probably every where else on a system.

Hints appreciated :)

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