When I present a document during a Google Meet or Zoom meeting, I want to see both:

  • the meeting window (to see everyone's faces and comments),
  • and the presented document (a browser tab showing Google Documents, a wiki, or anything else).

I only have a single monitor, I always have hundreds of tabs open, many pinned and many grouped. Manually splitting and resizing windows in too much of a pain and too error-prone (with that many tabs split screen means that most tabs are too small to identify, or end up in the overflow menu where they are impossible to find quickly).

I am looking for a Chrome browser extension that does the following with 1 click (or 1 shortcut, or ideally automatically whenever I start presenting a document in Google Meet):

  • Reduce the width of the current window by half
  • Open a new window of the same size
  • Move these windows so that they are both visible
  • Transfer the current tab (ideally the presented tab) to the new window


  • Free
  • Ideally open source
  • Does not mess with with pinned tabs and grouped tabs (so not Dualless)

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Tab to Window does this, simply by pressing alt-x (command-x on Mac).

Unfortunately it seems that it can't do it automatically whenever I start presenting a document in Google Meet.

Guide: https://acarabott.github.io/tabToWindow
License: Free and open source, MIT.
Source code: https://github.com/acarabott/tabToWindow

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