Automated solution must be able to run windows app by schedule and send data from the app to the web service. Process is trivial and probably can be done with anything as long as automation or programming is supported.

Need suggestions in regards of management and copyrights:

  • Process should be managed by in-house support with no any coding nor dev-ops skills. Managers should be able to see instances of the RPA installed for end-users and current state, ideally as some board.
  • For end users RPA solution offered as paid subscription to SaaS, so anything proprietary or third party SaaS can not be used (company wants to own solution, not to resell it).

So far best and only bet is https://robocorp.com/ - custom robot can be installed on end-user system and managed from admin interface. If similar functionality implemented based on their open source https://rpaframework.org then its totally proprietary - does not depend on third party licenses or servers.

Wish to have better options to consider, since RPA is very straightforward and implementation needs to be simplified - its a single "robot" which needs to be installed at end-user computers, then user should be able to change schedule, while managers must be able to see what is going on with automation - was it installed after all, was it able to find targeted windows app, was there errors when app was running etc.

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