I have two 2d array of integers. Basically these integers are pixel values of a FITS image. I would like apply leightweight lossless compression techniques like null suppression (SIMD-BP128) etc. on the FITS file.

I want to know what are the libraries available in C/C++, which I can use to apply these compression techniques.

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The company I work for has the LEADTOOLS C/C++ imaging library that supports compressing images in different formats, including more than one type of lossless compression. The library supports loading and saving FITS images. You can use it to load the uncompressed FITS image, then save it into a different format that uses lossless compression such as PNG, TIFF/LZW or even lossless JPEG (which is a valid but not very common format, since the common JPEG is lossy).

If you would like to try it, there’s a free evaluation on this page.

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