I have a contact list of around 10000 people. At the moment the list is growing 40 people a pay; some users may unsubscribe after a campaign (but I don't know how many).

I'm looking for an email service like MailChimp, Sendinblue, Amazon SES, etc. Here are some criteria:

  • I will send 1-3 newsletter a month, which may vary from month to month, and is hard to predict. So I would prefer a real pay-as-you-go plan depending on the number of emails we send. Sendinblue has a relatively flexible plan, but it seems that we still need to predict the volume beforehand.

  • Sending plain text mails (with hyperlinks) will be fine; I would like to enable users to unsubscribe from a mail.

  • Not very expensive. For example, MailChimp whose plan is based on the number of contacts is too expensive for me. I expect less than 50 dollars a month for my volume.

  • I hope the email could be personalised (e.g., Dear 'first name').

  • Being able to see some basic statistics such as open rate would be great.

  • We have servers and developers, but I still hope the management of contacts and the whole process would not be too complicated (Amazon SES looks complicated).

Could anyone recommend some good services?

  • What services have you investigated, and why have you rejected them? What is your budget, and expected usage? Jun 17 '21 at 18:55

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