I'm interested in learning COBOL, but I'm absolutely lost, the only learning resource seems to be from IBM but their compiler is paid and seems to be more towards mainframes and z/OS, and the only free COBOL compiler seems to be gnuCOBOL but I'm afraid of it being unmaintained, not having all features of the language.

I know it's a really old language, but I really wanted to try writing some personal projects with it.

  • No idea about quality / completeness etc. but maybe a starting point sourceforge.net/projects/gnucobol – albert Jun 17 at 8:37
  • @albert I found out that visual cobol personal edition is free for a year, I'm wondering if that would be a good alternative to gnuCOBOL as a starting point. – KTSnowy Jun 17 at 14:12

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