I'm just getting into running some services on my home server, and I need to keep everything properly backed up. I currently use a handful of bash scripts I wrote to tar up my data and move it to my NAS. I have a separate script for each service I back up. I set them up with systemd timers to control how often I want to backup. This works, but isn't great.

To be better than my current setup, I would need the following features:

  • Support for Ubuntu Linux
  • Automatic backups
  • Multiple backups on one system
    • All of my services are sandboxed in docker containers. I don't want to have to have one big script to backup all my services, I want to keep it all atomized for easier redeployment and development testing.
  • In depth logging
    • So I can see when the last backup was run, how big it was, and what was contained in it.
  • Support for backing up data to a NAS drive on the network and possibly a cloud service like MEGA.
  • Support for pre- and post-backup scripts.
    • Some of my services use a database like PostgreSQL running in docker. I don't want to have to mount and backup the entire data directory, I just want to dump the database to an sql file and back that up. I already have the commands to do that figured out, but I need a pre hook to dump it before the backup and a post-hook to delete it after the backup is done.
  • Backup expiration
    • I would like to be able to configure the system to only keep the n most recent backups automatically. That way I can limit how much space I need and I don't have years old backups laying around for no reason.
  • Frequency configuration
    • How often to perform backups of different services. Some services I want backed up daily, but others would be fine to have monthly.
  • Incremental backups
    • Not a hard requirement, but most of the files I'm backing up are not likely to change frequently, so it would be a shame to duplicate that storage.

Are there any solutions (paid or free) that meet my requirements? I've looked at a few, but and I haven't found any that have the hooks that I need to dump my databases.

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