For our customer service department, I'm looking for a field service management solution, which can be individually adapted to our dedicated business processes and requirements (and they are really very special, believe me ;-).

Basically, the required solution must support:

  • Web UI for order entry, management and validation
  • Map UI for visualization of onsite locations
  • Interactive scheduling board for workforce management
  • Mobile app support for iOS and Android devices
  • Cloud-based with REST API interface
  • German and English language support
  • Customizing features to implement a custom data model, user interface and workflows

A perfect solution would offer powerful customizing features, so that we can make individual UI and workflow adjustments without leaving the standard implementation of the software (e.g. like a low code platform). This is important for us, as we still want to receive software updates in the future.

Can anyone recommend such a workforce management / field service tool?


Have you already tried ENGINE4.SERVICE by Mobile Function?

They offer a free 30-day trial account. Their tool is very powerful and can be adapted to custom requirements. ENGINE4.SERVICE is a fully featured Field Service Management Solution and based on their universal Low Code Platform ENGINE4.YOU. So, it is customizable "by design".

We use ENGINE4.SERVICE for years and are very happy with it. Btw, their customer support team is very fast and helpful as well.

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