I have a hard time migrating the Putty settings from the Registry to my new machine.

Therefore I'm looking for a Putty clone that

  • either stores the settings in a file format, so that it's possible to copy the files
  • or has capabilities to export and import the settings (just like WinSCP or HeidiSQL)

Other than that I'm quite happy with Putty as it is. I do not need nor want many other features. Basically:

  • save "sessions" or "connections" or whatever you call it
  • key file based authentication mandatory
  • Windows 10 support
  • gratis
  • @MartinPrikryl: well, it's not so hard, but easy to forget. Usually I just want to copy all the data over from the old PC to the new PC, but obviously I will not copy the whole Registry. Jun 10 '21 at 13:38

Exporting the registry settings is not difficult. You do not have to use command-line tools. Check the answer by @Sireesh to learn how to use regedit GUI tool.

And even if you have forgotten to export Windows registry before scrapping your old machine, you can still export the settings from a file system backup. See How to copy PuTTY sessions from crashed computer?

Anyway, the KiTTY is a PuTTY clone that supports using an INI file instead of registry: https://www.9bis.net/kitty/#!pages/Portability.md#Portability

It seems that you use WinSCP, so note that you can use WinSCP as a site manager for PuTTY (even if you use an INI file with WinSCP). That way you do not have to keep two sets of sessions.

  • Indeed, in some cases I use WinSCP+Putty, but only if the workflow involves copying files first, then SSHing to the machine. For other work, I used Putty directly. kitty seems to be a good replacement for Putty :-) Jun 11 '21 at 7:55

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