Too many times I find myself googling "Unicode " to find a Unicode character suitable for my needs. I'm now trying to replace that silly procedure with something more reproducible and reliable, so I'm looking for a Unicode character picker that works offline on Windows.


  • pick Unicode characters by scrolling through them
  • support typing descriptive names like "cross" or "box"
  • works offline, i.e. locally installs its own Unicode database
  • works on Windows
  • is gratis
  • no ads; donation button is acceptable


  • Regions like "math symbols", "greek" or similar as in Microsoft Word.


  • LaTeX support, e.g. search for "alpha", find lower case α and upper case Α, Latex \alpha and \Alpha, respectively.

I've tried:

  • Win+., but it's too focused on Emojis
  • builtin Windows tool charmap, but it can scroll only. Searching by descriptive name is not possible
  • Microsoft Word symbol table, but it can scroll only. Searching by descriptive name is not possible. At least is has regions like "math".
  • this question is almost identical but for Linux. In addition, I don't necessarily need LaTeX support, although it would really be nice.
  • Lintalist as suggested here, but it does too much. I prefer a dedicated tool.
  • the R12A Unicode pickers are all online

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