I need to convert Outlook Emails in MSG file format into the EML file format.

Other requirements:

  • does not send the data to "the cloud" or some online service for conversion
  • does not have unknown limitations
  • does not need admin privileges
  • works on Windows 10
  • is gratis
  • allows commercial use (use in a company)
  • does not contain ads or nasty "pro version" reminders (a gentle dontaion button is acceptable)


  • ideally does not need Outlook to be installed

I tried:

  • OutlookConvertMSG2EML, which has unknown limitations. It just says "download the free limited version".
  • Zamzar is an online service, but I really can't upload emails to the Internet. This would violate GDPR, NDAs and whatever.
  • InMedia Email Converter needs Outlook installed and needs admin rights (what?, why?)
  • CoolUtils is an online converter
  • msg2eml is an online utility again
  • MFCMAPI fails with "Error: IConverterSession not found."

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