I am looking for an e-commerce platform to sell services. So it‘s not about selling products, manage delivery and inventory. The business consists of two types of users:

Providers choose services they offer from a catalog, manage their availability and set a price for the service.

Customers book a specific service at a given date from one provider. Communication and payment is done by the platform. The platform get‘s a fee for the transaction. Bookings need to update the availability of the provider, so that no other customer can book the same timespan.

There should be ratings, feedback, rabatt codes, mail marketing.

Of cause we also need cms functions to manage site content, which may support multilingual translations.

Can you recommend specific CMS / e-commerce frameworks or platforms? We have experienced developers, so coding is ok, but we want to limit custom coding to integration, and custom logic. We would prefer self hosted solutions. Being free is welcome, but not a requirement, but it should have a friendly license model.



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