I am seeking a note-taking app that must have the following features:

  • Runs on macOS
  • Notes are written in Markdown
  • Notes can be tagged
  • Notes are synced to either a server managed by the app's company (so no eating up my Dropbox space) or notes are synced to a self-hosted, free (as in beer, and preferrably speech) server process that I can run on Ubuntu
  • Either there is an iOS app or else a web interface that is usable on iOS (Boostnote fails this hard)
  • Mass import & export of notes is possible

Features that are not required but would be nice to have:

  • GitHub-flavored Markdown
  • Either a command-line client or an API so I can write my own
  • Notable notes, tags, & searches can be bookmarked
  • Free as in beer

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