I currently run a business that sells products online. I have a lot of inventory to keep track of, so I use spreadsheets to organize everything. Unfortunately, I have to manually input inventory changes to both my spreadsheets and onto my website separately, which can become very tedious over time. I've decided to use Python to my advantage.

I want to make a program/GUI/etc. that will allow me to input new numbers for a product, then have those same numbers automatically update onto my website. For example:

  • My website shows "Product A" has "5 left in stock."
  • I go to my closet but notice there are actually only 3 left in stock.
  • I go into the program on my tablet/laptop and type "3" under the "Product A" category.
  • My website now shows that "Product A" has "3 left in stock."

Does anyone know what libraries I should use?

Any info/help is much appreciated.

  • What kind of technologies are you using for your website ? Maybe if you are using some sort of CMS, there are plugins you could use or tweak, or even design your own to achieve better integration. But I have the impression what you want is some sort of API. From your question I understand you maintain a separate xls file and that the website has it own inventory DB. That's the thing I would change: get rid of duplicate input. Use a single database and add whatever interface/admin control panel is necessary to manage your inventory on a day to day basis. – Anonymous Jun 6 at 16:35

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