I have several thousand drawings of small parts and blueprints for which I need to be able to iterate through and search. The goal is be able to give the software an example image, then have the software search the thousands of images in a directory for anything similar, and return 20 or so matches.

I'm not looking for something which find exact image matches, but instead can find similarly shaped objects.


Depending upon how enthusiastic you are at writing your own - you can use the image analysis features built into the Wolfram Language.

This is used in the Image Identification Project which aims to improve machine vision and learning, although that project won't help in your use case.

There is a StackExchange site dedicated to the use of Wolfram. They already have questions about using the image analysis features.

I repeat my initial comment - this isn't an off-the-shelf solution but it should be suitable for your needs.

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