I have a growing number of (cooking) recipes on my Linux system, and it would be handy if I could sync them with my mobile. I have tried several from Google Play, but they are riddled with adverts and tied to commercial platforms with too much noise (I just need a practical tool, not a social media app, which many seem to aspire to be).

The subject says it all, really: Is there any decent, simple recipe manager app, which can sync with a server running on my Linux system, which doesn't come with a lot of extra fluff and doesn't require a live connection to a server?

  • Have you consider using MS Notes? – Romeo Ninov Jun 3 at 16:49
  • 1
    By recipes, are you talking about cooking recipes? In that case you might wish to take a look at Nextcloud Cookbook. That's an app runnin on your Nextcloud. There are several companion apps available for Android. My favorite one (the one I use) is Nextcloud Cookbook – which has no network access itself but simply accesses the files synced from the Nextcloud instance. It's rather a viewer, but that's totally fine with me; editing recipes is much easier on a big screen with a real keyboard anyway :D – Izzy Jun 3 at 17:06
  • @RomeoNinov No I haven't; it sounds like a Microsoft product - does it run on Linux? – j4nd3r53n Jun 4 at 7:33
  • @Izzy Yes, this is for cooking recipes. Ideally it would be built over a relational database. Thank you for the tip about nextcloud; I'm somewhat sceptical about cloud (I have reason to be: I work with cloud every day, you see) - there are always terms and conditions that boil down to "You pay us and sign over your soul". – j4nd3r53n Jun 4 at 7:37
  • @j4nd3r53n, yes it is MS products, yes it run on Linux via wine. Natively on Android. It sync via OneDrive (when you register you have 10 GB space i think) – Romeo Ninov Jun 4 at 8:35

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