I help run a community group and need suggestions on an anonymous and secure file upload website. This group helps people deal with sensitive personal issues. I'd like a free option and limited storage will work.

We currently use Google Docs but I don't like it that when I log into the website's dashboard, files (like .docx files) have a thumbnail preview of the text. Also when I view a file on Google Docs the email addresses of whoever the file is shared with are viewed (like emily@example.com).

Instead when I log into this anonymous and secure file upload website I don't want it to display any personal information (like an email) or a document preview thumbnail in the website's UI. I could then view a Word doc or PDF by downloading it to my computer and opening it up. I don't care about the option to anonymous share files with people.

Let me know if you have good suggestions.

  • Maybe take a look at SecureDrop? – Izzy Jun 3 at 0:05
  • Since I work with people who are mostly not web devs, I was wondering if there's a service on the web that will work and that is free for a little bit of web storage. For example would Dropbox (dropbox.com) work, where when I log in I won't be able to see the email address of the profile I'm logged in with and there will be no previous of documents that show thumbnails? I can make up an anonymous profile alias name in Dropbox. – risingPhoenix1979 Jun 3 at 0:21
  • Huh? Those people can just use the client (e.g. Tor-Browser), no need for being a web dev. And no, I wouldn't trust any cloud provider if it comes to sensitive data – which is what you're asking about. Using SecureDrop, people can just "drop" files into your "inbox" (at least that's how I understood it). I must admit I haven't dug into it very deep; a good starting point would be here. Also see here for an example. – Izzy Jun 3 at 17:15

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