I am building a Single Page Application (VueJS JavaScript Framework) and I need to use my company's enterprise identity server for user authentication.

Is there a recommended JavaScript library for handling client-side  OAuth2.0 flows? I need something like this JavaScript library (https://github.com/andreassolberg/jso) and I would use that library, but it is no longer maintained and I can't get the libraries dependencies to pass security checks. It seems many JS OAuth2 libraries out there require the creator's services (ie, Auth0, Okta, etc) and/or only make use of common social platforms like Facebook and Github, but my users can not use any third party providers other than my company's enterprise identity server.

I need to pass a client Id, provide authorization URL, and redirectionURL to this library. The library should help with returning an access token to local storage.

Is there a recommended open-source library I can use that will allow me to use my own provider?

  • IN a quick test, it looks like the Auth0 single page app SDK may be a good fit. Haven't done a full test yet, but doesn't seem to require a user to actually use Auth0 services. auth0.com/docs/libraries/…
    – redshift
    Jun 3 at 13:47

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